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With patented defluorination techniques and unique expertise, Weaver Labs is on the cutting edge of compound and materials development. With a talented team of chemists, we are excited to collaborate with you to develop new molecular sculpting strategies.


Defluorination technology

Phosphorescent Ir-complexes

Visible light mediated conjugation strategies

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Custom oligioarene syntheses

CRO oligioarene syntheses

Synthesis is often the bottleneck in the advancement of science and technology. This is especially true in the areas of fluorinated chemical space. For instance, 30-40% of new FDA drugs contain C–F bonds (and even more frequently within agrochemicals), in contrast there are no known aryl C–F bonds. Thus, synthetic access to these compounds, and many more, is essential to understand the biology of the compounds and bring drugs and agrochemicals to market.

With the burgeoning area of photocatalysis for chemical synthesis of high value organic molecules, as well as, a growing demand for phosphorescent materials for the lighting display market, these types of iridium-complexes are proving to be indispensable.

Conjugation chemistry continues to be a rapidly expanding market because of the information that it can provide about hard-to-study complex systems. Limitations exist because of low selectivity and stability of conjugation molecules.

Subtle changes to the structure of oligioarenes results in dramatic changes to the performance, or behavior, of these materials. Thus, the design, timely synthesis, and purification is of the utmost importance, and represents a real bottleneck for materials science.


Weaver Labs was founded as a platform for multiple new technologies stemming work at Oklahoma State University. The company serves as a contract research organization within the chemical industry that utlizes the unique skills that have been developed within the areas of organofluorine syntheses, photocatalyst and other phosphorescent iridium complex syntheses, visible light mediated conjugation strategies, and iterative arylation technology for custom designed oligioarenes.

We are excited to partner with you to solve your problems. Please reach out to one of our team members below to begin collaborating on your project today!

Jimmie Weaver

Founder & Chief Science Officer


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Co-Founder & President


Anuradha Singh, PhD

Senior Scientist